Scotty ATL Streams Album
Scotty ATL “Streams” Album

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Scotty ATL is here with another wave banging sensational pure hip-hop project for all his fans worldwide and it is titled “Streams”, interesting choice of name, don’t you think?

TL characterizes his enthusiasm for hip-hop to both of his folks, taking note of that his mom specifically would regularly play 2Pac around the house. As he developed more seasoned, he took a genuine enthusiasm for music, alongside a companion, King J, who was a rapper. ATL utilized the hardware to make an account studio in his family’s storm cellar, and began to record CDs to sell at school.

After moving on from Redan High School in Atlanta, Scotty went to Savannah State University to play b-ball. He rededicated himself to music, and, as a component of the gathering Monopoly Fleet that he had framed in secondary school, discharged a collection titled 2339 Underground Boyz.

Scotty and Monopoly Fleet marked a record bargain following the arrival of 2339 Underground Boyz, while still in school, started going from Atlanta to Savannah to concentrate on chronicle another collection, however the arrangement at last failed to work out. With the fizzled arrangement behind him, Scotty moved back to Atlanta and “got engaged with the entire little road life,” concentrating less on music.

Today he delivers a 12-track offering comes with guest appearances by the late Bankroll Fresh, King Shy, Euro, Wurld, Curtis Snow, and more.

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