Saweetie Delays ‘Pretty Bitch Music’ Album Release

Saweetie fans have been waiting for the release of her album ‘Pretty Bitch Music’ for some time now but it seems they will have to exercise a little more patience.

The album was supposed to arrive on streaming platforms tomorrow on June 25th, but during an interview last night with the legendary Big Tigger, she announced that she wants to work on the album a little bit more before releasing it to fans.

“It was supposed to come out this month but I was really living with it and one of my goals is for people to really feel something with every song, so I had to go back and reconstruct some songs. Just know that I’m a perfectionist and it’s on the way.” Take a look at the interview below.

The 27-year-old California rapper back in April released an Ep Pretty Summer Playlist: Season 1, a seven-track EP packed with assists from up-and-comers.

A new release date is yet to be announced.