Russ When This Was All New

Not a lot of artists can compete with Russ when it comes down to a battle of hits, the rapper has released a stream of hit songs over the last few months and it doesn’t look like he has plans of slowing down anytime soon.

Continuing in his weekly tradition of dropping a new song every weekend which has seen him gift us with tracks like ‘Can’t Let Go‘ which recently topped the iTunes Hip-Hop chart and ‘When I’m With You‘.

Today, he has shared yet another track titled ‘When This Was All New’, which finds the rapper switching things up a little, he raps on the new single.

Me and my girl are in a fight again (Fight again) Both of us went and crossed the line again (Line again), I don’t even know when we gon’ try again (Try again), If we got a therapist, we lie to them Try to make ourselves seem better, I’m under extreme pressure I know she is too, this ain’t a joke, Heath Ledger.

Listen to ‘When This Was All New’ below.