Rowdy Rebel King Of New York

Rowdy Rebel is back and he is laying claim to the whole of New York. In a new video that surfaced online, the rapper after his release from prison Tuesday (December 15), stood on top of a car as he laid claim to the coveted title of King of New York.

“Fuck that bro – the King of New York back, n-gga!” he exclaimed. “Tell n-ggas the real King of New York back! If they don’t like it, tell them n-ggas to do what they gotta do! You see my guys with me!.”

Rowdy also posted a video on Instagram of him connecting with Bobby Shmurda through a phone call. “I love all my fans, I love all the supporters,” Bobby said. “Man we’ll be right there, bro. Don’t even trip, man. Welcome home my big bro! You already know you deserve it! N-gga we about to turn up like no fucking tomorrow, n-gga!.”

rowdy bobby bobby shmurda

Rowdy, Shmurda and 3 other members of their GS9 crew were arrested back in 2014 on a 69-count indictment. Bobby is scheduled release on December 11, 2021.