Rockie Fresh round here

Rockie Fresh comes through with his latest track “Round Here”, a fiery uptempo track produced by Mathaius Young and the follow up for his “Must Be” song on which he featured music icon Chris Brown.

He has being working hard on the low, improving himself and aligning with the likes of JAY-Z, Rick Ross and many others, he recently discussed in a interview with DJbooth what moving from MMG to Rostrum and become a father has made him realize in life. Take a look at a small snippet of his conversation with Jay – Z, that inspired him to work towards leaving a legacy.

“JAY-Z had actually came through and kicked it with us,” Rockie recalls. “At the time, he was working on the 4:44 album, so he had certain records for the album done. Me and him ended up having this long talk about fatherhood. This was before I knew what the gender of my child was going to be, and I was extremely nervous. He was telling me the importance of legacy. My last name has to be important for my child that’s to come. He ended up playing me and Ross an early version of the song ‘Legacy.’ From that moment, that’s when it became the focus.”

Every single step Rockie Fresh takes towards building his legacy, we promise to be there and to keep you updated always. Listen to “Round Here” below and let us know what you think via comment below.