Rick ross drake gold roses

Rick Ross & Drake Team Up Once More On Gold Roses.

Fans have being wondering when “Gold Roses” by Rick Ross and Drake will officially be released ever since rumors of the song got out, seems today is that blessed day has the song is now here.

The song was first made known to us by TV writer Bonsu Thompson who attended the listening session for the album ( Port of Miami II), ever since millions hoped and wished it would be released before the entire project came through are we have also guessed here on 8o8wave.com in our last report about the single.

The Port of Miami 2 by Rick Ross is scheduled to be here August 9 and so far it is looking up to being one of the best albums of the year 2019.

“Trust when I say I’m never on the shit they assumin’ I’m on, Tales about me are like corridos in Culiacán, Sashimi, from Saito, you know that man two Michelin Star, Postcard from Grace Bay, sendin’ my distant regards, Vision wasn’t mine, told my niggas the vision was ours, Still a part of shorty even if we’ve been livin’ apart”. Drake spills on the first lengthy verse of the song before giving room to Rick Ross for a second lengthy verse.

Listen to the project below and let us know what comes to mind by leaving a comment below.