Rappa is embracing the vibes of Los Angeles during the cold weather season with his new nine-track album Trappin In Tha Winter Vol. 2 (TTWV2).

Building on the synergy from the OG project that dropped back in 2020, TTWV2 includes guest appearances from artists such as NHale, AD, Santeezy818, NWG Suave, Duke Bin Laden and more.

Rappa recently spoke about working with veteran L.A. artist and No Jumper correspondent AD on their gap-bridging album track “Compton 2 Watts.”

“It was dope af creating that record,” Rappa said. “I was at tha crib and AD hit me told me to pull up to tha studio and I pulled up we created magic.”

Rappa continued, remarking on the undeniable energy in the room when he and AD connected. “I cooked the beat on the spot he went in tha booth and started going crazy,” he said. “I hope this record wakes folks back up on AD’s ability of being versatile on any record.”

The LP itself represents the intense 2022 campaign, which saw Rappa and his hybrid West Coast flare across multiple states such as New York, where he linked up with Mac Mois, and Miami where he locked in with Santeezy818.

Rappa also truly put on for the home team as he joined forces with multiple LA artists throughout the year.

Of the most notable of his collaborations is the joint-effort Westside 4 Ever album he and Westside Mcfly put together, which features guest appearances from artists such as Kalan.Frfr, G Perico, Rucci, Azjah and more.

In fact, Rappa has been working with top L.A. talent for years – such as GoGetta KB, GoGetta Essco and 1Take Jay who he ran up over one million Spotify streams with via their anthemic “Doin Me,” collaboration.

Not to mention, he also previously crafted bangers for artists such as Felix Flexin, 03 Greedo, Swifty Blue and the late Kee Riches, among many more.

He plans to continue his consistent collaborative work in 2023 with a fresh batch of collars and new music on the way.

“My plans for 2023 is to drop some more collab projects with dope artist and finally add another genre of music to my catalog,” Rappa said in part. “I’m planning on releasing a reggaeton project show the fans and those watching my versatility with my music production.”

Stream the project below.