Producer Yonatan Watts Talks About His Origins In Music, Working With High-profile Artists, And What To Expect Next

Yonatan Watts is a singer, songwriter, and producer currently based out of Los Angeles. He is originally from Canada but has been making a name for himself in the states through his work in production. He has produced and worked with a wide variety of artists and musicians across musical genres — Ariana Grande,

His style is unique, and his tracks have this different sound, showcasing his versatility as a producer, songwriter, and artist. Watts sound was influenced early on by artists such as Stevie Wonder, Usher, B2K, Tank, Justin Timberlake, Tyrese, accrediting these artists for his sound when he first started making music.

“I am diverse and cannot fit in a box because I always surprise people with what I can do. I have always had a motto, which is ‘no limitations.”

Watts’ has a versatile and multigenerational, and diverse sound that can also be described as the “perfect fusion between generations[…] aimed to blend the old with the new.” His sound is versatile yet has this flair and energy that make you want to vibe or move around.

His work with artists such as Ariana Grande, Desiigner, Saint Bodhi, and Eric Bellinger showcases his sound and identity as a producer, engineer, and artist. His portfolio is only expanding, and his sound is only becoming more definite and distinguished. Working with a wide range of genres has allowed him to broaden his sound and his audience.

Watts accredits working with Ariana Grande as one of the most significant moments in his career since it has allowed him to be exposed to so many other people, citing that the track,“main thing,” he produced has “garnered millions of streams,” and expects the album to gain platinum status. He is also proud of his work with artist Dame Dolla and his remix of “Bestie,” featuring Lil Durk, Marley Waters, and Omar Grand, as well as his work with Eric Bellinger and his track “Weak all week.”

It is no secret that Yonatan Watts will be a household name. The only question is when? The producer, engineer, singer, songwriter, and artist has had a hell of a year, and it seems his career will only be going up. His forthcoming work includes producing some very high-profile artists, including future releases with artists like Jordin Sparks and Tamar Braxton.

Be on the lookout for Yonatan Watts’ new projects this year via his IG @Yonatanwatts. He is said to be dropping “some massive projects” shortly.

Check out his work on one of Ariana Grande’s hits from her Positions album, “main thing,” now streaming everywhere.