Poo Bear robbery

Poo Bear was the victim of the latest robbery as unknown persons invaded his home in Hollywood Hills on his birthday (4 September) and made away with some valuable items. The robbers according to TMZ were able to make off with close to $1 million.

Affiliates to Poo Bear say that the robbery was first noticed by one of Poo Bear’s staffers when they went to check on the residence and noticed that a window was broken and when they got into the house, discovered that the entire safe had being taken from the residence. The safe which TMZ now reports contained Jewelry worth up to $1 Million. As at the time of these publication, it was unknown whether other items had also being taken from the house.

Poo Bear, real name Jason Boyd is an American record producer, vocal producer, singer and songwriter. He recognised for being one of Justin Bieber’s main collaborators, having co-written many of Bieber’s hits (including “Where Are Ü Now”, “What Do You Mean?”, “PYD”, “Hold Tight” and “All That Matters”), and for co-writing the song “Caught Up” from Usher’s Diamond-certified album Confessions.