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Playboi Carti Returns With New Song ‘@ MEH’ – Listen

Playboi Carti @ MEH New Song

Playboi Carti has been off the grid for some time now but at last, the Atlanta, Georgia, rapper is back with a new song titled ‘@ MEH.’ The song is also accompanied by a dark and simple video as well which is not exactly safe for work.

Carti has had his fare share of legal battles in the last couple of months, the latest been earlier these month when the rapper was arrested in Georgia on drugs and guns charges after cops found 12 bags of marijuana, three guns, Xanax, codeine and oxycodone in his vehicle during a stop.

Carti shared what we now know is the song’s cover art earlier this week in the wake of a widely shared update on his Georgia arrest that included multiple instances of the word “alleged.” In short, it’s been a very Carti-heavy week.

“I ride with the chopper, the stick, yeah (Chopper, the stick, yeah) // These bitches ready to kill, yeah (Yeah) // My niggas, they ready to drill, yeah (Okay) // I got niggas in Riverdale (Okay) // My young niggas, they came from hell, hold up, yeah (Yeah) // The chopper go ’round like a Ferris wheel (Chopper, yeah).” Carti raps on the new song.

‘@ MEH’ or as many would have it ‘at MEH’ is the lead single of Playboi Carti’s forthcoming album titled sophomore album, ‘Whole Lotta Red’ scheduled to arrive at a later date.

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Watch the new video below and let us know what comes to mind.


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