PIXEY Just Dance

Liverpool’s fast rising star PIXEY has released a new song titled ‘JUST MOVE’ via Chess Club Records. The new single is a sensational dance ballad that is sure to last forever in the hearts of her daily increasing fans.

“For me, it was probably one of the most productive times I’ve had.” With her portable studio in tow Pixey tells me how life in lockdown has been non-stop. Writing a lot of her forthcoming EP when restrictions first hit she admits “it was just occupying my mind with something, otherwise I would have gone insane if I didn’t have that.”

“I wanted to write something which was the complete opposite of what I was feeling [and] the last thing anyone was going to be out doing was dancing in the club.”

She is also putting together a five-track project which she says is a “taster” of her different writing styles, starting with ‘JUst Move.’ “I always think with an EP or album that it’s a little package of that space and time.” The new EP is due out later this year.

Listen below.