Peach PRC may be new to the game but she clearly has no plans of slowing down or losing the momentum she has gathered so far, following the release of her debut single ‘Josh,’ she has blessed us with a new song ‘Symptomatic’ which you can listen below.

The fast-rising Australian pop star channels her mental illness for her new release. “One of the features of my mental illness is I can have really low periods and then swing into an incredible high manic period,” she explains.

“When this happens, I feel like I’m invincible and get really excited about doing lots of stuff—like learning to speak Italian, play 5 instruments, or become a crystal healer! Every time, I think I’ve been cured of my depression and mental struggles forever! My therapist once compared to me to Harley Quinn while I am in this state – that kind of bothered me. Then I thought, why don’t I write a song about being on this high and thinking I’m cured and just embrace the fuck out of the Harley-Quinn-of-it-all! And that song – is ‘Symptomatic’.”

Listen to Peach PRC embrace the Harley Quinn in her on ‘Symptomatic’.