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Pastel Papi is a Los Angeles musician who is bringing a new level of heat to the table this summer. He recently released a new song called “Tweakin,” which demonstrates his ability to weave together passionate lyrics and melodic instrumentals.

The song is a smooth, upbeat track with a sound that can best be described as “trap-pop.” It’s a song that anyone can ultimately vibe to, and is something that you should add to your summer playlist this year!

Pastel Papi, whose real name is Davon Lavor, says he received his nickname because he usually dresses in pastel colors.

“It was a bar that I wrote on a plane to ATL: ‘Girl you know I’m cocky, the champagne prince or the Pastel Papi,’” he described.

Though his name is appropriate and he has a unique story about how he got it, Pastel Papi is also distinctive in other respects. The rapper, musician, producer, and photographer from South Central decided to pursue a music career because he believed it was the best way to express himself.

“When I got to ATL I made a joke that I only rock pastels because I’m Pastel Papi when my homie tried to get me to buy something, and then the name kinda stuck.”

He’s performed in a variety of venues across Los Angeles, and he’s been able to create an authentic identity for himself by incorporating his musical and visual styles.

When it comes to the message he wants fans to take away from his songs, Pastel Papi says he wants them to:

“Accept your crazy, losses, or whatever ‘bad parts’ of yourself and make it beautiful.”

Check out the “Tweakin” visual below.