Ones To Watch: Rising Artist BoogieFrmDa8



BoogieFrmDa8 is an artist to be on the lookout for this year, as he’s coming in hot and getting ready to drop music on a weekly basis. The Compton, California rapper has released a series of singles in 2021, and this year will be even more consistent. The music that he has out already has been one way for audiences to see that he has a genuine and authentic flow that makes it easy to vibe to his music.

From songs like “Spend Sum,” and “Not Him,” to “My Story” and “Gang Only,” BoogieFrmDa8 offers something new to the table and brings fresh lyricism with him. He also brings a new West Coast bounce to the music that makes him stand apart from his peers.

As far as describing his sound and the kind of music he makes, it can definitely be described as a vibe! He raps about real, raw street experiences as well as the life circumstances he’s gone through. Now, Boogiefrmda8 is taking his craft to the next level by fine-tuning it. And in addition to releasing singles all year, he will also be releasing his debut mixtape this year that continues to express his lifestyle and experiences.

“I’m intrigued with expressing myself with word,” he said in a recent interview. “I want that ending that I visualized, so I will go hard until I get it!”

As far as his motivations for pursuing music, Boogie says he likes to look good so that influences how he feels and the kind of music he makes. He also says that family is a big inspiration to him.

“I shop a lot,” he says. “I love bling, so I’m always looking for the next piece. Also, my son is my life, so I spend as much time as my career allows with him. There’s always something going on in the bity and since I talk about the real, then I always got some shit to talk about.”

His goals for the future of his music career include headlining his own sold-out show, as well as contributing to the community and giving back to kids and the elderly specifically.

Through his music, he hopes audiences feel inspired to stay on their grind.

“Get money, follow your dreams,” Boogie says. “It’s perfectly OK to be the underdog. You ain’t gotta have a bunch of cheerleaders following you around. As long as you stay true to yourself, your craft, and stay grinding everything else will line up as it is supposed to be. Be your own person and if they can’t accept that, you don’t wanna be around their fake ass anyway.”

Be on the lookout for what else he has on the way for 2022, in addition to the fact that he’ll be starring in a movie “In The Hood” coming to Netflix this summer!




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