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Odell Beckham Jr. Pays Tribute To Kobe Bryant With A New Tattoo

Odell Beckham Jr tattoo of Kobe Bryant

Odell Beckham Jr is the latest celebrity to join the likes of LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Shareef O’Neal and many others in paying tribute to late NBA icon Kobe Bryant by unveiled new ink in honor of the late NBA legend.


The NFL star took to social media to show the new tattoo of Kobe’s portrait on the right side of his torso. The video shows Spanish, L.A.-based artist who has worked with him before working on the piece.

“… His drive, his work ethic, he shows you that talent can get you as far as talent can get you, but there’s no substitute for hard work, the dedication that he had to the game. And I think that was really his legacy,” he said. “You know, broken fingers, Achilles, knee, whatever it is, he always overcame it all and he’s always going to find a way to win. And he’s going to impose his will on opponents early in the game and with the very last shot of the game. So just that mentality that he had was always to kill, and that’s something that I definitely have in me, and now even more so with what was going on. So definitely inspired even more to do some great things like he did, and the legacy that he left is something that we all can be appreciative of.” He said during an interview with Complex about Bryant’s legacy.

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