Nicki Nicole Parte De Mi

Nicki Nicole has printed out the perfect blueprint with each path guaranteed to cement her legacy as the future of Argentine rap music.

The 21-year old rapper, singer and songwriter has already made a name for herself and gained millions of followers in the process, at the time of this release, she already has over 10 million happy followers on IG alone.

Today, she has shared her new studio album ‘Parte De Mi‘ featuring guest appearances from the likes of Rauw Alejandro, Mon Laferte, Dread Mar I, Bizarrap, Trueno and many others, check out the full tracklist below.

Teasing that the album will shed light on her ever-growing sound and trajectory, Nicki Nicole revealed the production of the album started two years ago and will take us to a more personal level.

“I started working on this album two years ago,” the artist revealed. ”I’m a person that really focuses on the details but is also quite insecure. So, what happens when you mix those two things is that whenever you’re working, it can end up being endless. I will focus on a track thinking ‘this can be better’ or ‘this needs to change’, and because I fixate on so many details – it always makes me question myself.”

Listen to ‘Parte De Mi’ below.

‘Parte De Mi’ Tracklist:

1 Parte de Mi – Nicki Nicole
2 Darling – Nicki Nicole
3 Sabe – Nicki Nicole, Rauw Alejandro
4 Si Vos Me Lo Pedis – Nicki Nicole
5 Pensamos – Nicki Nicole, Mon Laferte
6 Verte – Nicki Nicole, Dread Mar I, Bizarrap
7 LL (Interludio) – Nicki Nicole
8 Colocao – Nicki Nicole
9 Toa La Vida – Nicki Nicole, Mora
10 Perdido – Nicki Nicole
11 Dangerous – Nicki Nicole, Trueno, Bizarrap
12 Baby – Nicki Nicole
13 Me Has Dejado – Nicki Nicole, Delaossa
14 Mala Vida – Nicki Nicole
15 Tengo To – Nicki Nicole, Ptazeta, Snow Tha Product
16 Dame – Nicki Nicole, Tiago PZK