NF LOST Hopsin

NF and Hopsin on ‘LOST’ reminds me of that feeling you get when you try a meal you have been ignoring for the first time then you realize it’s your new best thing.

Following the release of his high-energy track ‘CLOUDS‘ earlier this month, NF builds on it with a follow-up. The two tracks are featured on his forthcoming Clouds The Mixtape, scheduled to arrive on March 26th.

He recently spoke to Zane Lowe of Apple music about what making music these days feels like, take a look below.

“Yes, if you’re an artist, it’s a weird job to have because you can be forgotten in a year. You know what I mean? You can get fired from any job. I’m not saying that, but I’m just saying, I do feel like artists, you just have this clock that you can always hear ticking in the bag in the background. You know what I mean?”

Check out the video below.