Emotional Oranges The Juice
Stream Emotional Oranges The Juice Vol. 1 Album

Stream Emotional Oranges “The Juice Vol. 1” Album

Emotional Oranges are here with their debut studio project and its titled, “The Juice Vol. 1” album, the unknown male/female R&B duo has been making waves across the music space with their faceless — yet melodic vibes and it’s all being squeezed together with their debut project.

If you watch the Joe Budden Podcast, you probably know Rory is always playing Emotional Oranges music and getting roasted for it by Joe Budden and Mal every chance they get. Though he hasn’t quite said in what capacity he’s involved, the facts are, the group has some dope records.

The project is led by singles like “Someone Else” and “Built That Way,” as well as “Personal,” while the rest of the album includes some infectious and impressive new material. The duo provides something smooth and contagious, offering standout singles such as “Hold You Back,” “Built That Way,” “Corners of My Mind,” and “Unless You’re Drowning.”

Listen to the project below and let us know what you think about the new duo whose identities are yet to be know and let us know what you think by leaving a comment for us below. Do you think they are worth our time? or do you think they we pass like the wind in no time. they are also planning to go on tour, so click here for dates.

Stream Emotional Oranges “The Juice Vol. 1” Below: