Mac Miller Benji The Dog
Stream Mac Miller “Benji The Dog”

Stream Mac Miller “Benji The Dog”

A new Mac Miller song titled “Benji The Dog” has surfaced only although Music fans worldwide have not really found the strength to get over the demise of Miller who passed away September last year due to substance abuse. there have been some snippets of unreleased music since then that have surfaced online but hardly any full songs.

Today, a never heard before track from the late rapper-singer called ‘Benji The Dog’ has hit the internet from unknown sources. The heartfelt song contains the same Valerie Simpson ‘Benjie‘ sample that Lil Wayne & Drake sampled for their 2010 collaboration ‘With You‘.

“Yeah, they told me don’t make a promise you can’t keep / all the drugs in your system you can’t sleep / how many times you had to buy plan B / for a girl you never bring back home to meet your family,” Miller raps on the powerful, emotion filled song.

These will definitely console a lot of miller fans who have being, for the pass few months, looking for something to hold on too, these will also help them to remember Mac for the good person he really was and also make his music legacy an unforgettable one.

There has also being a fund established by MusiCares called the Mac Miller Legacy Fund to help young musicians dealing with substance abuse. The organization runs under the Recording Academy. to help young artist of 27 years of age and above fight substance abuse. Mac Millers family have also donated $50,000 to the cause.

Listen to the song below and let us know what you think, we hope new miller projects will be released soon to help fans remember him more and explore parts of him that were not seen before.

Listen Below: