Nelly Heartland Album

After a lot of anticipation, Nelly has finally shared his country themed album ‘Heartland’ featuring guest appearances from Kane Brown, George Birge, Tyler Hubbard, Chris Bandi and more.

Speaking on the album, Nelly previously said:

“I hope it opens people’s eyes up as far as some of those minds that might’ve been closed to having the idea of Black folk being in country as much as possible, so to speak, and continuously to grow,” Nelly said. “But then also inviting more Black artists that are into country. Because I don’t know if they know, but we’re everywhere! You know what I’m saying?… So, I mean, yeah, man, you just want to invite more because you’ve got to understand – It’s been a long time.” “Well yeah, it is a different project…The music, in a sense, is probably going to be a different feel other than probably what you would typically hear from a Nelly album. But the vibe is still going to be a Nelly album. Because if you know anything about how I like to create my music, it’s more or less about the energy.”

Listen to heartland below.