NAV PineSol

Indian-Canadian rapper and producer NAV has been doing the most in the last couple of months, his single ‘Turks’ on which he featured Travis Scott and Gunna has been doing well on the charts.

Having been quiet for a while following the coronavirus pandemic, he makes a return with his recent release titled ‘PineSol,’ available on all streaming platforms.

The tracks is named after the popular household cleaning product. It looks like Nav has a project on the way, his last ‘Bad Habits’ album debuted at #1 on Billboard’s Top 200 chart last year, surprising a few people.

“Slidin’ in the Rover with the demons (Slide, slidin’) // Big chain, I make everybody see it (See it) // Keep a lot of racks on me, believe it (Rack, racks) // If we pop your chain, know we gon’ keep it // All in, had nothin’ to lose so I went all in // Ballin’, niggas saw my stomach pistols all in.”

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Listen to Pinesol below.