Monica & Lil Baby Unite On New Song ‘Trenches’

Monica Trenches

To start the new month of September, singer Monica has released a new song titled ‘Trenches’ featuring rapper Lil Baby. This comes as the singer is currently readying her forthcoming 9th studio album of the same title.

“Love is what you make it / I’ll give you my heart if you promise that you won’t break it / I’ma keep it real with everyone, it ain’t no fakin’ / I was tryna give it to you, you was tryna take it / And you cannot run from reality, gotta face it / I been tryna do everything for you to just make it / Don’t care what people say, especially when.” Lil Baby starts the song.”

“I’m watching in plain view, you caught up, entangled / In a web of the world, I wish I could save you / Deep down, you’re an angel, but street life, it trained you / Now listen to your girl / Don’t let the game keep playin’ you.” Monica continues.

The song is produced by Neptunes who she says she has dreamt of working with for a long time. “For MANY years I’ve dreamed of working with The Neptune, Admiring their ability to remain current yet timeless as well as their bond & brotherhood because loyalty is fleeting in this business !!.” She wrote on Instagram.

Listen below.

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