Migos Need It NBA YoungBoy

NBA YoungBoy has been teasing his Migos collaboration for some time now alongside group member, Offset. Today the rest of humanity have been gifted with the new vibe titled ‘Need It.’ The song samples 50 Cents track ‘Get In My Car’ released off his sophomore project The Massacre.

The Migos have also been teasing their forthcoming highly anticipated project titled ‘CULTURE III’ scheduled to arrive soon, although the actual release date is still unknown, it seems we may get the album below the year rounds up.

‘Need It’ follows ‘Taco Tuesday‘ and ‘Racks 2 Skinny,‘ earlier released by the group of Quavo, Offset and Takeoff.

“I said I need it // This Draco undefeated (Rrrah) // Hit your block and then I bleed it (Yeah) // Go long, these bullets, he receive it // I can’t see it (I can’t) // My wrist look like a snow cone, make her eat it // Once I see her, I give her that dope dick just like it’s ether // Then I leave her, I can’t get caught up, I can’t be on Cheaters // There go them people, you know what it is.” Offset and YoungBoy start the song.

“From the bando to bandit, we makin’ it happen // I like a bitch bougie but keep me a ratchet // Winning’s fantastic, Cartiers straight out the plastic // Diamonds in all of my glasses (Chill) // I’m fuckin’ more bitches than Magic // Straight out the basket, they say them young niggas havin’ (Hey) // The money too old, it’s growin’ maggots, nasty // Finger fuck it with the MAG (MAG).” Quavo and Takeoff land the finishing blow on the second verse.

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Listen below.