michael Jordan cries at kobe bryant memorial

Michael Jordan took the stage at the Staples Center to speak about his friendship with Kobe Bryant and looking at him like a younger brother who was always “getting into his stuff.” However, Jordan spoke about the deep friendship that formed between them over the years.

With tears streaming down his face, Jordan recalled Kobe texting him all hours of the day asking for advice and just to talk. The tearful moment led to Jordan joking about not wanting to be “another crying meme” again.

Jordan shared stories of Kobe calling him for tips for his then-11-year-old daughter Gianna, who was showing promise on the basketball court. He also spoke about seeing Kobe as a family man and seeing the deep love that he had for his daughters.

Jordan stated that a “piece of me died when Kobe died,” and he urged viewers to reach out to the ones they love. You can check out the speech below.