6ix9ine Miami strip club stripper

A Miami strip club stripper Alexis Salaberrios is suing rapper, Tekashi 6ix9ine after she was accidentally hit with a bottle of champagne following an altercation between the ‘ZAZA‘ rapper and another unknown person at Gold Rush Cabaret.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, the fight took place on February 20th. The accuser’s lawyer David M. Tarlow claims that 6ix9ine threw the bottle with the intent of hitting somehow who called him a rat in the club but however, missed and hit the stripper, leaving her with serious head injuries.

She is also suing the club for negligence in the sense that the club did not have enough security around Tekashi, who she says has a “propensity for violence.”

After the injury, she alleges that the club’s employees escorted 6ix9ine out of the building and pressured her not to call the police, but she ignored them and reported the incident to the cops. She is suing Gold Rush Cabaret for gross negligence, and Tekashi for aggravated battery.

6IX9ine has, however, denied all charges.