Megan Thee Stallion new song B.I.T.C.H

Megan Thee Stallion is looking forward to bringing her ‘Hot Girl Summer’ effect to a new song titled ‘B.I.T.C.H.’ and from what we can see, it is going to be a sure banger.

She has also been teasing her forthcoming debut album for some time now, hinting at a 2020 release date and ‘B.I.T.C.H.’ sounds like the kind of song to start an album campaign with.

‘B.I.T.C.H.’ will be arriving on Friday, Jan. 24th. Just last week, Megan and her friends had previewed a song on Instagram where the rapper was performing while her girls were at the back twerking. Her stylist EJ King had captioned her post “#B.I.T.C.H DROPPING SOON!!” so we’re guessing that’s the song in question here.

She shared a snippet of the song today on Instagram. The song samples Tupac Shakur’s “Ratha Be Ya Ni**a” from All Eyez on Me. “Why you wanna play with me you know I’m undefeated? / A real hot girl know how to keep her n*gga heated / You say you want respect well treat me how you wanna be treated.” Megan raps on the sure new banger.

Megan has also been working with Pharrell on her forthcoming album which will introduce her newest alter ego Suga. “My next project I will be introducing a new lady. Her name is Suga. She’s besties with Tina Snow,” she told NPR last year.

“I felt like my mixtapes were me flirting with my fans,” added Meg. “I never wanted to do an album ’cause I was like, ‘Oh, that feel like marriage. That’s a commitment.’ But now, I’m ready to settle down with an album.”

Take a look at the snippet she shared below.