Megan Thee Stallion fever

Megan Thee Stallion shared “Realer” just yesterday to give people a taste of her latest album and today she delivers the full project titled “Fever”, her debut project.

“This is a whole new persona. This is Hot Girl Meg. Tina Snow, she was the pimp, real confident. Hot Girl Meg is still confident, too, but this is more turn-up music to me,” she told Complex. “Hot Girl Meg is the life of the party, so you’re definitely gonna hear that in Fever […] So I’m just really excited for it to come out.”

The 14-track project follows last summer’s Tina Snow, and also features the likes of DaBaby and Juicy J, i urge you to pay attention to the project tracks, one after the other, don’t skip a single track because that is the only way you can get what the whole album is about, don’t forget to leave a comment below telling us what you think about her debut project.

Listen Below: or stream on Itunes here.

Track-List: to Megan Thee Stallion – fever

1. “Realer”
2. “Hood Rat Shit”
3. “Pimpin”
4. “Cash Shit” f/ DaBaby
5. “W.A.B.”
6. “Best You Ever Had”
7. “Simon Says” f/ Juicy J
8. “Shake That”
9. “Money Good”
10. “Dance”
11. “Ratchet”
12. “Sex Talk”
13. “Big Drank”
14. “Running Up (Freestyle)”