Meek Mill Tierra Whack

Millions of fans worldwide have being name searching Tierra Whack, trying to find out who she is after rapper Meek Mill tagged her the “Best Female Rapper in The World” on twitter after her “N***a What, N***a Who” freestyle goes viral.

Tierra Whack shared a freestyle video on instagram of her rapping and delivering punchlines weaved in a double-time flow over Jay-Z’s “N***a What, N****a Who (Originator 99).”

A lot of people are unaware of who Tierra Whack is or about her works but it seems Meek Mill has made sure the XXL Freshmen gets the recognition she deserves.

“The best female rapper in the world is Tierra Whack let’s argue,” Meek not only gave her a massive co-sign, but also said that he is willing to defend his statement by arguing with anyone who doesn’t agree. He captioned the post.