Matt Martians The Last Party
Stream Matt Martians “The Last Party” Album

Stream Matt Martians “The Last Party” Album

Friday 26 April 2019: The internet had earlier announced that one of its member Matt Martians was releasing a solo project well its finally here and its titled “The Last Party“.

he Last Party, which serves as the follow-up to 2017’s The Drum Chord Theory. It features eight tracks across 29 minutes, with contributions from Steve Lacy, Baby Rose and Daisy.

In his latest interview with DJbooth, he was asked What he wanted people to come to know about themselves after listening to The Last Party?, and here is what he had to say.

“I want people to realize being hurt is okay. Even somebody you’re not even connected with anymore, it’s okay to say you miss that person but you don’t want to go back to that situation. I want people to be okay with being vulnerable. I’m one of the leaders of my band and even in my band, I’m the older brother figure.

A lot of times, it’s weird when I’m vulnerable because everyone is so used to me being the rock. It’s important for you to show vulnerability even if you’re the rock because it’ll allow everyone else around you to realize that you’re human.”

Well there you have it, listen to the album below and tell us what you think, and we hope you feel exactly how Matt Martians wants you to feel after listening to his songs.

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