MALIK Yellow

Grammy winning artist MALIK has released a new song titled ‘Yellow‘ prior to his recently released ‘Red’ and ‘Orange’ all ahead of his forthcoming studio album Spectrum (Demo) scheduled to arrive August 21 via ARTium Recordings.

“Itʼs a love song, but for who? A girl? Myself? God? This is about longing to be in the sun. To be fully loved and completely leaving the night behind. I always imagine that feeling when youʼve been in a cold dark room, and you step outside for the first time that day. The sun feels like it’s thawing your skin.” MALIK said about the song.

Each song tends to explore a different emotional state, leaving the listener completely changed with each song. According to Complex, “Red” was inspired by anger, “Orange” by hope, and “Yellow” by something a little harder to define.

Listen to ‘Yellow’ below.