Machine Gun Kelly El Diablo
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Stream Machine Gun Kelly – ‘El Diablo’

Machine Gun Kelly has being putting in work, getting his forthcoming project ready, he delivers ‘El Diablo’, the first single of the album.

He earlier shared the remix for “Ocean Eyes“, showing his skills and growth and now he is back to prove his reign further.

Ever since his beef with Eminem, it almost feels as if Kelly has being constantly trying to prove something, doing extra work on track just to make sure that it turns out on point.

His new single ‘Hollywood Whore’ is excellent and he recently dropped the equally dope music video for it. But the versatile rapper is already back with another new song today called ‘El Diablo’ which has a totally different sound from the previous one.

No doubt these is going to be amazing, his last album did not sell that well so i think is also going to be some sort of consolation for that plus he seems to be in full lyricist mode once again, putting his foot down as he claims to be one of rap’s premier emcees.

“Tell all my competition that I love ’em, But I brought ’em back just to kill ’em again, Tell all the listeners, that I said, “Fuck ’em”, If they thought I’d never be breathing again, I keep some drink in the cup in case, Anyone got some more beef, I can eat ’em again, I made a promise to beat they ass up, Like Adonis, survive, I’ll meet ’em again” machine gun kelly fires shots at everybody on the chorus of the track.

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