For his latest offering titled ‘DAYWALKER!’ Machine Gun Kelly links up with internet personality and youtube star Corpse Husband, better known as CORPSE.

CORPSE got fans talking about the track earlier this week when he teased it on his social handles, the news was massive especially for loyal fans who have been with him from the beginning as the track marks his first major collaboration.

“They tried to kill me in the rain / Tried to lay me down and so I ducked and ran away / Put a gun up to my face, so I’ll fucking catch a case / When I find this mothеrfucker and I’ll lay him in his grave / All thesе fucking razorblades / I wanna know if I tell you a secret, will you keep it? / I will never be the same / I been to fucking Hell but I’m surrounded by some snakes.” The youtube star trills on the second verse.

Listen to the collab below.