Lucidious On The Surface

Lucidious is all about growth and making each song sound at home, the fast hip-hop artist who now has over half a million Spotify followers is here with yet another impressive track titled ‘On The Surface’ and it’s available for streaming below.

“On The Surface” is about a couple choosing to stay together while the outside world seems to be crumbling. “The world is going down will you stay with me on the surface,” sings Lucidious.

The rapper has soared above the masses by creating an independent label and engaging in other music business ventures. The marketing and development skills that he’s gained along the way have allowed Lucidious to create a powerful platform for his music without needing a huge team behind him.

Following his last single “Headstart,” this new track features Lucidious’ classic rapping, while also mixing in a pop-friendly, catchy hook. Lucidious creates music that speaks to people struggling with anxiety and depression.

Despite the emotional subjects in Lucidious’ music, he always incorporates a positive twist. “On The Surface” is about “choosing connections and choosing to stay throughout all the chaos,” says Lucidious.

Listen below.