Lotic New Album Water New Song Come Unto Me

Lotic has made her dream record and can’t wait to share it with the rest of the world, the singer/songwriter has announced the release of her second studio album ‘Water’, the album is set for release on October 29 via Houndstooth.

“This is the record I always wanted to write,” she notes. “This feels like my arrival as an artist.” The news comes with a new song ‘Come Unto Me,’ you can check out the Matt Lambert directed video below.

Speaking on the new song, Lotic said: ‘Come Unto Me’ alongside the news, the song is accompanied by a video directed by Matt Lambert. Speaking on the video, Lotic says, “1.8 million Africans died on the Middle Passage; their bodies were thrown into the Atlantic. Had their cells been able to adapt to this new ecosystem, and thrive and multiply, perhaps a glorious new culture and history would have been possible.”

‘Water’ Tracklist:

1. Wet
2. Emergency
3. Come Unto Me
4. Changes
5. Always You
6. Apart
7. A Plea
8. Oblivious
9. Diamond