Lloyd Slow Wine Bass Line

Lloyd is gearing up to release the follow-up to his 2018 album, Tru scheduled to arrive in the nearest future. Today he comes through with a new song titled ‘Slow Wine Bass Line’ featuring the legendary Teddy Riley.

“If music is what dreams are made of, I’d like to thank the almighty for yet again helping me make one of mine come true this day. I’d like to personally thank the great @teddyriley1, @keithsweat, @rxdcxm, and @biglovejasper as I humbly present my first release from a soon to be announced new album,” Lloyd said.

“I want it now (Now) // Can I feel your floor? (Floor) // To the rhythm of the hi-hat, baby let me try that (Oh) // I love it when you bring it back (Oh) // God know it’s really suicide // Back against the wall, like a [?] (Oh, oh, oh, oh) // Do what you want, baby, baby (Oh, oh) // You make me wanna take this night off safety (Safety) // All on // the dancefloor goin’ crazy (Zay) // DJ play this one for my baby.”

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Listen below.