Trippie Redd & Playboi Carti Miss The Rage

Trippie Redd & Playboi Carti Miss The Rage on their latest song, fans have listened to multiple snippets of the song and have been anticipating its release. The high octane track is finally available for streaming in select international markets and will be fully available worldwide by midnight.

The song is reportedly off Trippie Redd’s forthcoming fifth studio album ‘TRIP AT KNIGHT’ which the Ohio rapper teased back in 2020 in the comment section of a now-deleted Instagram post containing a snippet of a track named “SUPER GLUE.”

“You get zapped if it’s static (Zapped), hear that mac, it go “Pew” Smokin’ gas, smell the fumes, I’m in that ‘Vette, it go “Vroom” / I’m a vet’, lil’ dude, you a pet, do what I say, not what I do Tell ’em sit, bitch, come here.” Tripple Redd raps on the first verse.

“Come get your daughter (Come get your daughter), she too greasy (Bitch) / She so meaty (She so meaty), I’m not vegan (I’m not vegan, vegan) I’m gon’ eat it (What? Yeah), I bet you I beat it (I bet you I beat it, bah) / I put her on the bus (Put her on the bus), I got the seat (I got the seat, bus).” Carti continues on the second verse of ‘Miss The Rage,’ the entire track is overly impressive.

Listen below.

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