Tory Lanez Staccato 392

It always feel good to see Tory Lanez pop up on our rader with new music. The last time we heard from the Canadian rapper was back in April when Instagram reinstated his account following suspension because of the consistent nudity that would pop up during his sessions during his ‘quasi radio’ show.

Tory claimed the account was reinstated after he sent them his recently released mixtape ‘The New Toronto 3‘. Today, he is back with two new songs ‘Staccato’ and ‘392’.

“Two twenties on my head, just made it to six-speed / Used to have love for you bitches, now I’m like, “Bitch, please” / Now and then I gotta say it like my nigga Weeknd / Fuck needin’ a bitch, I’m what a bitch need / Two hunnid thirty thousand on the Bentley.” Tory raps on Staccato.

“Hop in the Scat and I go (Vroom) / Went and got Louboutins right out the store, ayy / Twenty-two ridin’ with Joe (Baow) / You hear a pop then that boy on the floor / I got my Glock in my lap, I’ma score.” He raps on 392.

Listen to both tracks below.