Snoop Dogg Funky Christmas

Snoop Dogg in collaboration with October London are gifting fans two songs for the holidays, the tracks titled Funky Christmas and The Greatest Gift come in form of a mini Ep.

The entire project is produced by Fred Wreck featuring Cocoa Sarai, Poppa Snoop, Bob Lawrence, Uncle Chucc and Jabo Stubblefield. It;s amazing how uncle snoop has been delivering timeless content year-in, year-out and from the look of things, he has no plans of stopping anytime soon.

As for October, he has not been in the spotlight for some time now but it’s nice to see him return with that silky groove we all love him for as he delivers the perfect lines for a funky christmas.

“The greatest gift would be your love for Christmas,” sings London, over a delicate piano. “Such a glorious time and our favorite wine / When the snow shall fall, In your eyes, the lights I see are twinkling.” Sings London.

Listen below.