silas these days logic

Newly signed BobbyBoy Records which is owned by Logic in association with Def Jam, Silas links up with his boss Logic for his latest track titled ‘These Days’.

Logic earlier announced his signing two weeks ago via an instagram post followed by launched his single ‘Def 2 Ego‘ and today they have linked up for yet another track “These Days”.

“Yeah, boss up, boss up, boss up, boss up, like I’m 2 Chainz, Kung-fu, kung-fu breakin’ records on my Wu-Tang, She, just danced that Magic City, sippin’ D’USSÉ, Industry like Russian roulette on a Tuesday (Wow), Remember when we, used to dream about crowds?, Now on my free time I’m movin’ through clouds, Feedin’ my fam and I’m holdin’ it down, What is you losers gon’ talk about now?”. Silas raps on the first verse of the track.

Listen to the track below and let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

Stream Below.