Priscilla Block Just About Over You

To be honest with you, i had no idea who Priscilla Block was 12-hours ago until i saw that her song ‘Just About Over You’ was and still is, topping the iTunes’ all-genre chart, at the time of this publication. So i had no choice than to check her out.

The North Carolinian singer and songwriter had just started to make a name for herself on TikTok with 330,000 followers. She shared a video of herself singing the viral, then unreleased song and fans where literally amazed with her so much that they were willing to donate money to help her record the track.

“I am absolutely overwhelmed,” Block tells Rolling Stone. “I still have no words. I’ve always heard that country music fans are ride or die… and this right here proves it. This is six years of blood, sweat, and tears.” She told Rolling Stone.

With her newly found success, she has had offers from several major labels as revealed by Charly Salvatore who currently manages her.

“We don’t want to sign to a major and sit and wait,” Salvatore says. “If the song seems like a priority, and we get a sense that it’s a priority for the entire building, we’re gonna talk about it.” While he won’t reveal any of the sums, Salvatore insists that the offers are good and will make it hard to say no. “It’s nerve-racking, to be honest. It’s like you have that fish on the line — and you know how big it is and how rare these moments are.”

Listen to ‘Just About Over You’ below.