Primetimewill Honest

After the release of his chart ranking single “WITH YOU,” which without a doubt, set pace for the young talents growth, Bronx, NY rapper Primetimewill has released yet another notable offering titled ‘Honest’ and it’s definitely worth your listening time.

You can feel his confidence rising delightfully, the new offering is accompanied by a LIVE in studio performance, as well as a variety of freestyles which helped catapult his notoriety. With brutal and witty lyrics Primetimewill has definitely left an impression and is someone to look out for accumulating over 100,000 views worldwide.

“TELL ME WASSUP UP WITH YOU I THE HATE LYING YOU BETTER BE HONEST,” Primetimewill kicks off the song, calling out to an unknown lover to be honest. “NOOO I DONT GOT TIME YOU IF TOXIC ILL TAKE OFF ON YOU LIKE A ROCKET,” he continues.

From the Bronx, NY with a waste no time mentality Primetimewill has been contributing to the drill-rap scene while staying versatile and still delivering melodic sounds to his music.

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Listen to Honest below and let us know what comes to mind.