NLE Choppa Lil Baby Narrow Road

The name NLE Choppa may sound new to you but he has been around for a while. He is now finally ready to roll with the big dogs as he shares a new Lil Baby featured collaboration titled ‘Narrow Road’ ahead of his forthcoming album ‘Top Shotta.’

“They tell me, “Think smart,” (Think smart), I know right from wrong (Oh) , They tell me I’ma get life with this dirty chrome (Get life) , Well, you would rather take a life before they take your own (The Don Dada), And bitch, I been through some shit, I came from a broken home. NLE raps on the first verse before passing the ball.

“Road gettin’ narrow (Nah), slimmer and slimmer (Slim), Pray to God that I forget, try my best not to remember (Ah) ,It’s a cold, cold world and I was born in December, I’m forever steppin’ forward, you know I’m one of the members, They try to tax us, SSI, then we start goin’ and get ’em.” Lil Baby raps on the second.

His debut album drops next Friday (Aug. 7). Listen below.