Listen To Mac Miller’s Posthumous New Album ‘Circles’

Gone but never to be forgotten, Mac Miller’s family have refreshed the memories of the late artist in our minds with the release of his posthumous album Circles.

The project comes over a year after Mac Miller passed away, September 2018, following an accidental drug overdose at the age of 26 and today his highly anticipated posthumous album hits streaming platforms for all his beloved fans and friends to enjoy.

Prior to these, a single “Good News,” which was accompanied by a music video was released to set things in motion for the project.

The standard edition of the album boasted 12 tracks, and the deluxe carried 2 bonus tracks with no listed features. Listen to circles below and let us know what comes to mind via comment below.

‘Circles’ Tracklist

1. “Circles”
2. “Complicated”
3. “Blue World”
4. “Good News”
5. “I Can See”
6. “Everybody”
7. “Woods”
8. “Hand Me Downs”
9. “That’s on Me”
10. “Hands”
11. “Surf”
12. “Once a Day”
13. “Right”
14. “Floating”