Kehlani Valentine's Day Shameful

Kehlani calls out an old flame on her newly released song “Valentine’s Day (Shameful),” revealing split from boyfriend YG. These comes just days after the couple dropped a song on Valentines day titled “Konclusions.”

“S**t happens. Life really happens. U Jus gotta stay pure and move with love and thank god you are one of the ones that do.” She tweeted, in a since deleted tweet on her official twitter page.

“I’d say your name but you don’t deserve recognition // You played the hero but you really are the villain // There ain’t a bone in me that wants to spare your feelings // You called me crazy, but it was my intuition // Used me for status and the fame and recognition // It’s fucking crazy what they do for recognition // I’d say your name but you don’t deserve recognition // I’d say your name but I won’t, uh.” She sings on the song.

She also revealed that she helped her partner fight addition. “you’re nothing to me.” She continued, “Wish I didn’t check your text when you was drunk asleep/I’ve seen everything I didn’t want to see/That I needed to see/That I needed it to be/Hope you live happily ever after with the bitch.”

“You might be so amazed after all of this (So) // Out on the table your friends and your family, even your label // Everyone love me, damn its so shameful // I kept you stable, you should be grateful // Ain’t find out sooner that you was unfaithful // Damn you’re so shameful // So fucking shameful // Damn you’re so… fucking ungrateful.” She ended the song.

Listen below and let us know what comes to mind.