Juicy J Megan Thee Stallion Ty Dolla Sign SHE GON POP IT

With just a few hours to the release of his new album titled The Hustle Continues , Juicy J has shared a new song titled ‘SHE GON POP IT’ featuring Megan Thee Stallion & Ty Dolla Sign.

The new single serves as the second track off the album, Juicy earlier shared a Logic featured track ‘1995’ alongside it’s video.

“Big old, big old ass, I like money, I need cash (Baow, baow, baow) / Throw that thing in reverse, drop it slow and pop it fast, ooh (Hey, hey, baow-baow-baow) / Look like he got money so you know I’m on that nigga head (Hey, yeah, yeah) / He ain’t tryna spend it, so I send my niggas in instead (Hey, yeah, yeah).” Megan kicks of the first verse.

“I got all this gold on, she might see a rainbow / And her pussy drippin’ wet, I might need a raincoat / I don’t want no lame ho, like my bitches turnt up / Here a couple of bands, that’s for fuckin’ up your lacefront (Sorry) / Work a bitch knees out, sweat her weave out.” Juicy J concludes while Ty Dolla Sign lends his effort on chorus.

Listen to She Gon Pop It below.