Jessie Reyez Before Love Came To Kill Us

Jessie Reyez has released her highly anticipated debut album ‘Before Love Came To Kill Us’ only featuring Eminem and 6LACK.

The Canadian singer-songwriter got brutally honest with her fans, writing about the album’s themes – which feel very timely – and her hesitations on releasing the album given the state of the world, with COVID-19.

“So, I’m conflicted. The whole premise of building this album was to make something that made people think about their mortality. Now it seems like a theme song to what’s happening irl. I’ve reached out for advice; the general consensus is “drop it.” I put everything into this, I even pulled it down from the pre order (Ps You gotta pre order again. 💁🏽‍♀️) to make changes because I needed to make sure I was passionate and proud of it – not the label, not my managers- me. So I did. If we drop now and the world ends tomorrow, at least my art was authentic.” Jessie Reyez wrote on her Instagram.

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Listen below.