Belly G Herbo Wale Everything’s For Sale Song
Wale, G Herbo & Belly Come Together for New Single “Everything’s For Sale”

Highly anticipated Tv show, The Godfather Of Harlem debuted last month and has since then being making waves, today the series surprises us with another soundtrack off the movie titled ‘Everything’s For Sale’. They employ the expertise of Belly, G Herbo and Wale to do justice to the new song.

A lot of artist including Swizz Beatz, Dave East, ASAP Ferg, Jidenna and many others have all being part of the project which is slowing gathering momentum to becoming one of the most watched these year.

“I am a humble guy, that’s why Humble Beast was what it was. On top of being humble, you’re supposed to be able to talk about your possessions and what you’re doing and why you doin’ it, and big stuff you’re spending your money on,” G Herbo shared with DJ Booth during an August 2018 interview. “That’s most of the beauty of it and working hard and doing what we do … I should be able to talk about the money I’m making and the money I’m spending because I worked hard for it.”

“I can’t really put my finger on it, but when I started rapping I always talked about stories,” G Herbo adds, sharing some insight into his creative and songwriting process. “I could still do that and have fun. I could tell a story about the beginning of the day to right now. A lot of stuff goes on in 24 hours. In life you may see stuff, and when you makin’ money and movin’ around a lot, you see a lot and it’s easy to talk about.”

Listen to ‘Everything’s For Sale’ below and let us know what comes to mind via comment below.