Lil Tjay Forever Pop

Lil Tjay pays tribute to his late friend and fellow East Coast rapper Pop Smoke, who was recently shot and killed in his Hollywood home in Los Angeles on Wednesday by unknown gunmen.

“Everyday I walk with it, that’s why I can’t leave the crib without it // The day I ever caught slippin’, boy, I doubt it // But, then you never know, you never know, nigga (Never know) // You never know when it’s your time to go, nigga // I know I ain’t satisfied with this, I’m tryna go bigger // I ain’t lettin’ nothin’ in my way, I’ve been a go-getter // I can’t even get this through my mind, how you go, nigga? (Never know).” He raps over Pop Smoke’s “Like Me” track.

Pop Smoke was reportedly at home in Hollywood, when two men wearing hoodies and masks entered the house and fired multiple shots, according to police sources quoted by TMZ. He was pronounced dead at a hospital in West Hollywood early on Wednesday.

Listen below.

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