“I liked a clothing line by the name of Bathing Ape. I wore it so much; my friends begin to call me Bape which is a combination of the name.” Says Lil Bape on how he got his stage name. The 17-year-old has family ties in Philly but now resides in Atlanta. When asked why he moved this is what Lil Bape had to say, “To lock in on my music, more connections, good quality sound and to save my life.”

The music is what’s been his main focus he’s cooking up a new project that is set to release this Friday called “Zipped Up In My Tears” an EP that will be on all streaming services on October 29th. What’s next for Lil Bape? After his tape is released he hopes to sign to a major label, which he is bound to do since he can fit into any genre with his sound. Don’t believe me? Just listen to what he wants his audience to know, “I want the audience to know that though I am not just an artist. I come from the hood, but I am not a rapper, I make pop music, I am a well-rounded artist. I go against what people expect from me, my age group, my people. I am Lil Bape.” Listen to Lil Bape below!

Instagram: lilbape2418
YouTube: Lil Bape