lil baby Dababy Baby

Lil Baby and DaBaby find a way to make their names sound cool on new track titled ‘Baby‘ and it’s unexpectedly worth your listening time and attention.

In the past year or so, Atlanta’s Lil Baby and Charlotte’s DaBaby have up up to become major new rap stars. These 2 rappers sound completely nothing like each other, however they each have near-identical names. What will that say? may be a symbol of our infantilizing culture? Or is that the word “baby” simply fun to say? we tend to don’t grasp. however we tend to do grasp that they, maybe inevitably, have new song known as “Baby” along.

This isn’t the primary time the duo have gotten together; Lil Baby was on DaBaby’s “Today” remix last year. however it’s the primary time they’ve created a song known as “Baby” along. It seems like a touch of a flashback to 2004, once Fat Joe, Joe Budden, and that they R&B singer Joe all collaborated on a song known as “Not Your Average Joe.

Listen below to the fairly unremarkable trap song on Apple music, Spotify and youtube and let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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